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When large groups get to gather for offsite meetings it can be challenging to keep everyone on task and guide the flow of the agenda moving. Establishing Ground Rules at the beginning of a meeting will help ensure all attendees will all be on the same page and therefore benefit the most from the planned offsite meeting. Attendees will appreciate the respect of time and in turn have a better overall experience during their destination meeting, especially when covering multiple topics and agendas.

  • Start and end meetings on time
  • Don’t repeat what was already covered if people arrive late
  • Hold one conversation at a time
  • Honor points of view that are different than yours
  • Don’t interrupt
  • Speak openly and honestly
  • Stay on topic (focus)
  • Wrap up meetings with a clear statement of the next steps (action items)
  • Review who is responsible for each action item

By adhering to a few simple rules meetings will run smoother and attendees and organizers can enjoy more downtime between and following meetings.

Maryland’s Historic Kent Manor Inn offers:

  • Convenient and beautiful location
  • Experienced event planners
  • Experts at creating successful small-group gatherings
  • Meeting space options
  • High-speed wireless Internet service
  • Free and convenient parking
  • 24 guest rooms
  • Full-service catering options
  • Assistance with coordinating off-site activities
Secluded Historic Kent Manor Inn

Secluded Historic Kent Manor Inn

Ariel view of Kent Manor Inn and Thompson's Creek

Ariel view of Kent Manor Inn and Thompson’s Creek